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In Honor of the 25th Anniversary of TradeWars that was released June 5th 2011, I have decided to re-create my TradeWars server list. I have written a brand new crawler called MicroBot, which is written in C# and uses the .net CodeDom runtime compiler to script multiple telnet sessions at the same time. Don't be alarmed if you see MicroBot logging into your server, as it's just there collecting game stats.

January 21, 2022 - A graphical remake of TW2002?

Zyrain — "Hey everybody, it's been awhile. Sorry I disappeared. Things got really crazy. Not long after we had our discussions here, I got an opportunity to write a new flight model for the X series, which forced me to set aside the work I was doing on this new TWGS release. I'm currently working on that project. But I wanted to check in here and see if anybody is still around because I'd like to continue our discussions about a potential graphical TW client"

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In the mean tine, JP will be working on the next Egosoft 'X Series' game...

March 5, 2012 - TWGS 2.20b / TW 3.34 patch released.

TWGS v2.20b is available for download at There are several minor updates and changes, but one major bug fix. When a player is moved by planetary TransWarp, the ship's sector is not properly changed, leaving the player and ship out of synch. This will happen commonly in games, so I recommend getting this update.

TWX Proxy MEGA installer!!!

The installer includes the latest version of Classic TWX Proxy! and ALL of your Favorite public Bots. Plus Over 350+ public scripts just to get you started. Everything a new or returning player needs to hop right into a game.

TWX Proxy MEGA Installer!

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I no longer use ICQ or Teamspeak, so check out discord for asistance with anything and everything TradeWars related. Discord Server!

TWA Database Project - Sysop Edition v1.4

Special thanks to Runaway Proton for preserving a copy of the TWA DB.

You can now view the project here:
TWA Database Project - Sysop Edition v1.4

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My website, including all source code was deleted in 2003 and I was unable to recreate it at the time. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, I was able to recover some of the original graphics. If you prefer a flash from the past design, check out the retro site

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