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Star Killer's Ice9

Last Update :   03/27/2023 Registered To :   Star Killer's TWGS
Telnet : Location :   Indiana
Website : Ventrilo :   [Unknown]
FaceBook : TeamSpeak :
GameOP :   Star Killer BBS :   None Nodes : Type :   TWGS2 Games :   21
Version :   2.20 Players :   13

* = [Days Since Start]/[Defined Game Age]   ** = Unlimited
Note: Days are not adjusted for time since the last update.
AIce9 Pirates Builders10/07/2022171/171 Open 3.34GM1 Mps600 Min25003000012
BBabylon 5 Builders10/07/2022171/171 Open 3.34GM1 Mps****300007
CSolo Olde Timer's10/07/2022171/171 Open 3.34GM1 Mps400 Min15001000013
DStar Killer's Crazy Alien04/01/2022360/360 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**10000300002
EStock 5,000 Sector07/01/2022269/269 Open 3.34M1 Mps360 Min100050002
FScript Tester's Playgroun03/31/2022361/361 Open 3.34G1 Mps**8000200000
GCall To Battle12/09/2022108/108 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**100050001
HPirates Final Regulated10/07/2022171/171 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**5000300003
ISolo Wars Unregulated10/07/2022171/171 Open 3.34G1 Mps480 Min120050003
JSub Zero02/03/202352/52 Open 3.34G1 Mps**30000300009
KStock Unregulated02/03/202352/52 Open 3.34M1 Mps360 Min100050001
LBig Business Unregulated02/03/202352/52 Open 3.34GM1 Mps****300002
MStar Killer's Planet Capt02/03/202352/52 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**10000300004
NStar Trek Unregulated02/03/202352/52 Open 3.34G1 Mps****300003
OSub Zero Unlimted02/03/202352/52 Open 3.34G1 Mps****200001
PToyman's Builders08/12/2022227/227 Open 3.34GM1 Mps****300006
RPirates Final Unlimted01/13/202373/73 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**20000200000
SSandbox Stock12/09/2022108/108 Open 3.341 Mps**25010003
TSandbox Gold12/09/2022108/108 Open 3.34GM1 Mps300 Min50020003
UOriginal Ice9 Builders07/01/2022269/269 Open 3.34G1 Mps**2500300003
ZNew B5 edit03/22/20235/5 Closed 3.34GM1 Mps**15000300004

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