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Upcoming Games

ServerOpen DateGameName
The Sandbox 08/17/2022 08:00 PM EDT ODragon Slayer - Unlimited
The Sandbox 08/18/2022 08:00 PM EDT GAlien Retribution - 20k - Unlimited
The Sandbox 08/19/2022 08:00 PM EDT PStarWars - 10k - 5k Turns
MicroBlaster Network 08/19/2022 08:00 PM EDT KMoo 2

Recent BigBangs* = [Days Since Start]/[Defined Game Age]   ** = Unlimited
Note: Days are not adjusted for time since the last update.

ServerGame BigBangDays*TypeVersionTimeTurnsSectorsPlayers
eXiled A07/05/2034-4345/1236 Open 3.34G**100010000
MicroBlaster Network Y08/16/20221/1 Open 3.34GM**15000300001
Cool Blue BBS C08/15/20221/1 Open 3.34**25010001
The Sandbox B08/14/20223/3 Open 3.34GM**1000100000
The Sandbox F08/14/20223/3 Open 3.34G****300000 TWGS A08/13/20223/3 Open 3.34GM****150001
Star Killer's Ice9 G08/12/20225/5 Open 3.34GM**100050002
Star Killer's Ice9 M08/12/20225/5 Open 3.34GM**10000300002
Star Killer's Ice9 P08/12/20225/5 Open 3.34GM****300003
Star Killer's Ice9 R08/12/20224/4 Open 3.34G****300003
Star Killer's Ice9 S08/12/20224/4 Open 3.34**25010002
MicroBlaster Network Z08/09/20228/8 Open 3.34****50003
Blackfair's Manor B08/06/202210/10 Open 3.34GM**35000300004
Blackfair's Manor Game Server B08/06/202210/10 Open 3.34GM**35000300004
Cruncher's J08/05/202212/12 Open 3.34GMT360 Min120050006
Cruncher's U08/05/202212/12 Open 3.34GM360 Min1500150007
MicroBlaster Network M07/31/202217/17 Open 3.34G****300006
The Sandbox A07/29/202219/19 Open 3.34G****300005
ConstructiveChaos TWGS A07/25/202222/22 Open 3.34**25010000
ConstructiveChaos TWGS B07/25/202222/22 Open 3.34**25050000
Blackfair's Manor Game Server A07/23/202224/24 Open 3.34G**1000030009
Blackfair's Manor A07/23/202224/24 Open 3.34G**10000300010
MicroBlaster Network S07/19/202229/29 Open 3.34G****300007
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